Professional Buildings

Langlas & Associates has been building professional office buildings since 1975. These projects are the backbone of our company and we bring our expertise and years of experience to each new customer.

Some of the significant projects completed are: 40,000 sf 777 East Main in Bozeman, 25,000 sf Cenex Office in Billings, 40,000 sf Rocky Mountain Professional Building in Billings, 60,000 sf GE Capital Office in Billings, and a 125,000 sf GSA office building in downtown Billings. We have renovated and built numerous banks for First Interstate Bank, Rocky Mountain Bank, and Sterling Bank. In addition, we have built and remodeled numerous office projects in Billings, Bozeman, and Helena.

Snowflake TI

Teledyne FLIR

Wildfire Defense Building

FICO Tenant Improvement

Fortuna Building

Rocky Mountain Supply


SXS Building

Oracle Tenant Improvement

Scully Professional Building

Veeder Office Building

First Interstate Bank

Department of Interior

Marathon Oil

Olive & Wallace

Granary Building

Rocky Mountain Bank

Mountain View Building

777 Building

Manhattan Marketplace

Rocky Mountain Professional Building


Flying Horse

GE Corporate Financial Center