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Historic Symmetry

As a girl, Ileana Indreland remembers Sunday drives through the  historic neighborhoods of Bozeman, Montana. Compared to her family’s working ranch in nearby Cokedale, the trimmed lawns, three-story houses and the elegant architecture of town seemed ornate. One house in particular — a graceful brick home with fluted columns and three gables on the top floor — captured her imagination.

“Whenever we’d pass this house, I’d wonder how it looked inside and what it would be like to live in a house like that,” she reflects with a smile as she sits in the sunroom of the very house she admired as a child.

Realizing a childhood dream, Ileana and her husband Michael Delaney purchased the 1913-era home and neighboring structure in 2006. Accustomed to making swift decisions in their real estate and development business, Delaney and Company, the couple assembled an A-team to renovate and modernize the house. Drawing on the expertise of Thomas Bitnar of Bitnar Architects, and general contractor Langlas & Associates in Bozeman, they set out to build an addition that matched the historic architecture and return the Georgian Colonial Revival Style residence to its intended grandeur.

featured in Big Sky Journal Home

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