Institutional / Public Work

Institutional / Public work is very rewarding for Langlas & Associates because we and our families get to enjoy the benefits of new public facilities and schools for years to come.

One of the most significant public projects that Langlas & Associates has completed is the $12,000,000 Dehler Baseball Park in Billings, MT. This facility is arguably one of the city’s most significant public structures and is appreciated by all in the Billings community. Over the past eight years, Langlas has completed several school projects including Hyalite Elementary in Bozeman, Ennis K-8 School, Park High School in Livingston, a complete renovation on the Hardin High School, Meadowlark Elementary, Elder Grove Elementary, Whitefish High School, and St. Labre Dormitory in Ashland. The construction costs for this work totals $153,000,000. Our Institutional work also includes numerous projects for Montana State University Bozeman and Billings. Currently, Langlas has started construction ($31,000,000) for the new Freshman Residence on the MSU Bozeman campus.

Monforton Middle School

Yellowstone Hall

Meadowlark Elementary School

Whitefish High School

Dehler Park

Big Sky Fields

MSU Bozeman Creative Arts Complex

Elder Grove Elementary School

Heritage Christian School

Park High School

Hardin High School

Sidney High School CTE


Heights Baptist Church

Faith Evangelical

Ennis K-8/Adult Education Facility

Arrowhead Elementary School

St. Labre Indian Dormitory

Hyalite Elementary School

Monforton Elementary School

Billings Christian School

Gallatin County Fairgrounds